Comments & Notes from our Class Attendees:

Janet was the best instructor/presenter I have ever had in 30 years of service. She is articulate, well organized and knows the material. She kept things moving and interesting. She’s an exceptionally positive and upbeat individual.”

Jo Ann Whattam

” Instructor used clear examples, direct information, effective visuals, humor, and excellent pacing.”

Carolyn Cowgill

“The course covered many topics I had not thought about and showed me I need to think about these things. The instructor was great at using examples and making them meaningful.”

Catherine Karney

“The instructor was great! The material was very helpful in helping me to plan for retirement. Instructor gave personal assistance to each participant with his or her unique situations. The course was up to date and very applicable to my current retirement planning. I am now able to plan in a more informed manner.”

Randy Coffman

“The instructor was highly knowledgeable about the subject matter and extremely well organized. I am very knowledgeable about the subject, but I was able to gain considerably.”

Jim Donavan

“Instructor was terrific. She kept the attention of the class and was highly versed in the area of instruction. This needs to be stressed for people to take 10-15 years before retirement.”

Burnadine Gelezius

“Great advice for career/retirement planning. I finally got the answers to questions I’ve been asking for 9 years.”


“I felt I had my own personal planner just for myself. Janet was an excellent public speaker and made a subject that could be very tedious and boring, fun and lively.”

Jon Sumimoto

“The instructor was fabulous. I was never bored and was interested in every topic. The course was one of the best I have ever taken and it has totally changed my attitude towards my financial planning.”

Maria Lopez

“Janet was a fountain of good, well organized information. She was concise and stayed on the topic. Very good class and very helpful.”

Elaine Thomas

“I thought the instructor was wonderful, she MADE the course.”

Oliver Jes

“Janet is an excellent trainer-the best I’ve seen in 28 years of government training.”

Rick Seidenzahl