About Us:

Employees who will be retiring soon from service with the Federal Government have many decisions to make in the face of change. “ASPIRE TO RETIRE!” is a training program that provides information, motivation, and inspiration to make informed decisions which can enhance the quality of life in retirement.

One to three day seminars are available throughout the United States as well as overseas. Seminars are tailored to the unique needs of your agency and will cover general topics such as pre-retirement planning, financial planning, and health management in retirement.

The Trainer:

Janet Fox, Certified Financial Consultant, holds a Master of Science Degree in Education and Counseling from San Diego State University. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Business. She has more than 30 years of experience in financial education and investment planning. More about Janet….

The Company:

Certified Financial Consultants, (CFC) is a certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise. The company was founded in 1986 to provide Financial Education Programs and Retirement Planning Programs to government and corporate employees.

The ASPIRE TO RETIRE! workshop for Federal Employees was developed in 1986 to help employees and their spouses prepare for retirement. Our Retirement Planning, Mid-Career Retirement Planning, and Transitioning Training programs are designed to provide information, awareness, techniques, and viable options for maintaining the quality of life during transition.

The Delivery :

Methods will include classroom lecture, interactive exercises, discussion, guest speakers, case studies, and question/answer sessions. Presentations include many audio/visual mediums including the use of powerpoint, slides, LCD and video projection. Material will be presented with energy and optimism, and will inspire participants to take action.