Courses currently offered are:
  • "Aspire to Retire!"
  • Mid Career Retirement Planning
  • Long Term Care Benefits Briefing

All seminars incorporate classroom lecture, interactive exercises, lively discussions, guest speakers, case studies, and question and answer sessions. Presentations include many audio/visual mediums and students will receive handouts, workbooks, and other materials relevant to the course to help with their retirement planning.

Arrangements will be made to come to your agency or command for an on-site seminar in your training facility.

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Training Objectives:

Employees will learn how to:

  • Determine retirement eligibility
  • Calculate CSRS/FERS annuity
  • Avoid "Catch 62" regarding military service
  • Evaluate Deposit and Redeposit service
  • Select Survivor Benefits
  • Process Retirement Documents
  • Select Thrift Savings Plan Withdrawal Options
  • Receive distributions from Voluntary Contributions
  • Plan for Health Care and Life Insurance Benefits
  • Apply tax laws relating to annuities, survivor benefits, and TSP distributions
  • Manage available assets in retirement
  • Develop a cash flow statement and net worth statement
  • Apply for and receive Social Security Benefits
  • Take advantage of Estate Planning (wills, trusts, power of attorney, titling assets, living wills, etc.)
  • Address health issues in retirement
  • Take Charge Of The Future


Sample Agendas
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